The Big Day

As a mom, we want the best for our child.That’s why I see to it that I have the best party for my youngest son Marcos Jofrey. I wrote this blog just to show him how his mommy and daddy prepare his baptismal party The Big Day. But it won’t be good without the help of Sison’s Family. I would like to take this as an opportunity to say thank you for helping us in our baby’s Big Day especially to Mrs. Delia Sison for allowing us to have baby Marcos Christening day to be celebrated in her post-birthday party.

  1. The Church – I chose Mother of Perpetual Help Parish of the Laguna Bel-air City of Sta Rosa. Aside from being close to our home, it is recommended also by my sister in laws and I found it good when we inquire at the church. They entertained us very nice. Finally, we’ve got the church.We had our seminar last July 22, 2017, about the importance of baptism.July 30, 2017, TheBig day.

    Thank God that we arrived at the church on time and most of the sponsors of my son are there. And I just want to say thank you to Ms. Rodalyn Maluya who made our customized family t-shirts.

  2. The Venue- I find it hard to look for the venue as a reception for our son’s baptismal party because most of the place I’ve inquired to is fully-booked already. We decided to go to Silang Cavite for ocular on the resorts listed on our choices. First, we went to Aspire Resort but unfortunately, it was fully booked already then we go to Villa Jon-she but we find it small for the gathering. We almost tired of looking but when we decided to went home we saw The Hills at Silang so we inquired inside even if we find it cozy. Then, at last, we have our venue The Hills at Silang.
  3. The Menu-We have catering service which offers us this menu.
    Caesar salad Chicken spring roll Pork pata tim Roast pork (medium spicy) Beef steak in mushroom sauce Chicken bbq Chicken cordon bleu Fish fillet in creamy garlic sauce Baked mac Chopsuey Plain rice Mixed fried rice Crab n corn soup Leche flan Sapin sapin ,Mixed fruit platter Iced tea. Photo to follow.

    4. The Theme -I chose a nautical theme for my son. I found it very nice and it suits for the kids. The color combination was adorable. Here’s some of the example of DIY nautical props for my son’s christening party.


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