Ways to Make your Relationship Stronger

1.LOVE COMES FIRST   One of the best ways to make your relationship stronger is to make sure your love and commitment come first. Not to say that you put your significant other before yourself in all situations, because self love is just as important. 2.NO SECRETS Be open with each other, be honest, and… Continue reading Ways to Make your Relationship Stronger

Fighting from my enemy..

Every mother of new babies often have lots of questions. But in my case on my 3rd baby, the youngest I start having this questions. Am I doing this right? What have I gotten myself into? I can say it’s hard to get into this situation. Sometimes I feel like I’m insane because of non-stop… Continue reading Fighting from my enemy..


Kian Llord de Los Santos 17-year-old, a college student who was killed in an anti-illegal drugs crackdown in Caloocan City Philippines,and it was the biggest issue now because most of the Filipinos are asking for Kian’s justice.They paid HOMAGE to this boy for being a victim.To cut this story I just want to share my own… Continue reading KIAN LLORD is the new CHRIST?

Accept “what is it” and Let Go of “what was”

As we mature and grow wiser, we realize what we need to hold on to and what we need to leave behind.Sometimes we feel that walking away from certain situations and painful memories is a step forward but we can’t  but then there is so much more to be achieved in the short span of… Continue reading Accept “what is it” and Let Go of “what was”